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Every project is unique; shouldn't your lumber order be unique to the project? I specialize in accurate, useful and affordable framing lumber takeoffs deliverable via fax, email, or USPS in 7 days or less.

  • Accurate because every takeoff is done by hand, considering the specific needs of your project.

  • Useful because EVERY person in the process - from the person taking the order at the lumber yard,   to the person loading the truck; from the person unloading/verifying materials at the jobsite, to the carpenter who is selecting and cutting it; from the inexperienced owner to the project manager - ALL are able to read, utilize and benefit from my customized report.

  • Affordable because the amount of scrap material you haul away is measured in wheelbarrow loads, not dumpster loads. I take pride in saving the builder/owner money, as well as preserving our natural resources with this valuable service.

Design  and AUTOCAD Drafting Services
Providing complete permit-ready drawings for residential or commercial remodels,, additions or new construction. More than twenty years of exposure through building, estimating or modifying professionally drawn plans has given me a thorough understanding of what work when designing a project.


Building Permit Management Services
If you want to get your building permits in less time and without the hassle of doing it yourself, the PlansGuy is up for the challenge! Twenty years of experience in and around the local jurisdictions has taught me the "ins-and-outs" of the building permit process, but more importantly has given me the opportunity to build strong relationships with those who can "git 'er done" at the jurisdictional level. 


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